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The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), based in London, UK, is a leading organization in the quality management field.

The CQI's headline projects are its centenary celebration, the International Quality Awards and World Quality Day.

The campaigns for these projects are fuelled by digital and print resources that boost stakeholder engagement.

CQI centenary

Quality timeline jpeg.jpg

Quality through the ages

Poster published September 2019 

Centenary ebook jpeg.jpg

A history of the CQI: 1919–2019

Booklet published May 2019 

Centenary - Agile-page-001.jpg

Looking back: Agile Methodologies

Part of a series, published November 2019 

Webpages and online resources

International Quality Awards

Profiles ebook 3.png
Profiles ebook 4.png

Profiles in Quality 2018

Booklet published February 2019


Awards: Guide

for applicants

Published May 2019

World Quality Day

2017 World Quality Day-page.jpg

World Quality Day 2017

Published December 2017

2019 World Quality Day-page-001.jpg

World Quality Day 2019

Published October 2019

Communications and resources


Brand management

Social media strategy

Communications planning

Editing and proofing


Copy writing

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